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Healthcare Virtual Events: Learn from Cable News
Healthcare Virtual Events

Healthcare virtual events are here to stay. The industry has pivoted away from in-person “face to face” events in favor of online alternatives. Your organization’s future and your professional reputation are based upon making connections through a screen.

Zoom is not a Virtual Event Strategy

You selected a platform and are armed with a slide deck containing key data, pleasing stock images, and an integrated corporate explainer video (which, unfortunately, comes complete with all the buffering and bad audio anxiety you will ever need).

You may be getting it all wrong!

Virtual meetings and events placed on video conferencing platforms are not automatically engaging or persuasive. Follow the formula for how cable news programs draw people in and hold their attention, for hours.

 Typical Virtual Event

Screenshot of a typical virtual event – not engaging!

In the rush this spring to “pivot to virtual”, content was moved online with similar formats as in-person events. It has become apparent in the last several months, this will not be enough to hold attention.

It is easy to understand why the primary focus has been on the technical and logistical elements of engaging virtually (just Google virtual engagement or event). The platform, breakouts, live chats, and other components are not enough to drive engagement. You should be implementing strategies used by cable news programs to hold audience attention.

  1. Bold and motion and 3D graphics
  2. Colorful lower thirds
  3. Engaging intros with music
  4. Music and other audio queues
  5. Multiple cameras and angles
  6. Scroll in lower third
  7. Engaging supporting video
  8. High-quality cameras and microphones
  9. Attention to proper lighting and backgrounds


Engaging Virtual Event

Engaging Virtual Event Example

It is not about the virtual platform or logistics. It can’t be. Not when your audience is accustomed to streaming quality content every day on their phones, tablets, PCs, and flat screens. This is your competition for attention.

Your product may be exciting to you, but to others, it may come across as boring. You should be aware of this and appeal to people’s interests. Understand how to capture people’s attention and hold it – a PowerPoint presentation is not the answer.

Virtual engagements are here to stay. Even when face to face returns (and it will) quality virtual will be required as part of your overall strategy to be effective and stay relevant. Make no mistake your current competitors are evolving by the day, and new competitors are entering your space with digital and virtual content that has been created specifically for online distribution. Are you getting left behind? How does your live and on-demand content compare? To evolve and be effective virtually, get the help you may need from a professional production team, the investment of time and effort will pay off with additional participant attention and engagement.


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