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Safe Healthcare Video Production During Covid-19
Safe Video Production During Covid-19

For most of 2020, the ability to produce new healthcare video content safely has been challenging due to Covid-19.

Safe Video Production During Covid-19

Safe healthcare video production is possible during a pandemic, although there are many new regulations in place. To create high-quality healthcare video content, a variety of methods can be used, including completely remote production, in a touchless studio, and on location with safe practices. It is more important than ever to select video production professionals experienced in complying with the many (and confusing) new rules. As with many policies related to the Covid-19 pandemic, video production governance can differ in each country, state, county, and city. It is impossible to know which ones will apply to your project. When working with your professional production team here are items to consider.

On-Location Healthcare Video Production, Employee Safety

  •  Capability and ability for employees who can carry out their production contributions
  • Access to a designated workplace COVID-19 Compliance Officer
  • Ability to provide personal protective equipment (PPE), infection prevention supplies needed on the job, including face coverings, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, and possibly gloves, mobile hand washing stations, and other equipment and supplies.
  • Ability to adhere to official laws for testing, documenting, treatment, and reporting of:
    • Staff with symptoms of Covid-19.
    • Staff testing positive for Covid-19.
    • Ability to record the date, time of all participants in all production sessions for later reference, in case anyone involved in the production becomes ill with signs of COVID-19 and/or tests positive.
  • Ability to provide equal access to required safety protocols for those with mobility issues

 Physical Distancing

  • Documentation of written protocols before work begins to ensure physical distancing of six (6) feet or more between people throughout the production. For example; production meetings, location scouting, rehearsals, filming, editing.
  • Ability to complete production under local legal, policy, protocol, or guideline restrictions for:
    • Filming scenes with actors
    • Sanitized Props and other equipment
    • Sanitized wardrobe
    • Best safety practices for Hair and Make-Up physical distancing
    • Best safety practices for providing craft services

Infection Control

  • Document HVAC systems in all buildings are in good working order; to the maximum extent possible, ventilation
  • Provide digital formats instead of paper for documents normally shared.
  • Symptom checks along with consistent with employee screenings
  • Provide items such as hand sanitizer, face coverings, and other infection protection
  • Disinfect equipment, sets, and locations daily
  • Ability to provided signage related to Covid-19 safety and information

Those are just a few of the main items that will need to be addressed, and the safety of employees, crew, and visitors is of paramount importance. Any professional production team you work with should have a deep understanding and be able to demonstrate their best practices in these areas. This will help ensure the safety of the people involved, and protect the quality of your production, your organization, and brand.

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